‘Duck Dynasty’ star Phil Robertson: America has lost touch with its core values

Phil Robertson, known for his role on the popular A&E reality TV show “Duck Dynasty,” told FOX Business’ Neil Cavuto that America has lost touch with God and his simple values. Instead, socialist rethoric, including "Medicare for All" is being touted by Liberal 2020 candidates.

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“We have been given a country to what Kamala Harris said…elect me and everything is free,” he said.

California Sen. Kamala Harris (D), who has recently entered her name into the 2020 presidential race, has fully embraced a "Medicare-for-all" plan, irking more conservative followers who believe that it is simply "socialist medicine."

Robertson, author of “The Theft of America’s Soul,” said a government finance healthcare system will only provide temporary care, but it won’t provide fulfillment to your life.

“The temporary reprieve is not worth it,” he said.

Robertson, a staunch supporter of the president, met with then candidate Trump at the Values Voter Summit in Washington D.C. It is where he realized Trump is more a man of faith than he is given credit.

“He’s pro-God, he’s pro-life. I have no problem with any policy that he has put forward,” he said.

Trump addresses the nation in his second State of the Union tonight in front of an acrimonious Congress led by skeptical Democratic House.


Robertson said he is amazed by the scale of scrutiny Trump has endured as president.

“To me I think it would take a savvy New York billionaire to be able to withstand the onslaught of vitriol and hatred that’s been directed toward one Donald Trump” he said.

Duck Dynasty debuted in 2012 and the Robertson family became an overnight media sensation, skyrocketing into the national spotlight with a hit reality series. The exposure helped the Louisiana family become even wealthier by promoting their Duck Commanders, which makes fake duck signals used during hunting season.

“Now I am rich and famous…you can buy every kind of insurance known to man if you want,” Robertson said about being told he can afford any insurance available in the market.