AI at work: Acquiring job skills needed to thrive in a new era

IBM says within the next three years 120 million workers will need to learn new skills as a result of artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace.

The skills range from cybersecurity and data science to front-end and full-stack developers, according to IBM chief talent officer Diane Gherson.

“These are the hotter skills out there in the market right now,” she told FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo on Wednesday. “You’re finding a shortage and every company is going to have to start developing these skills because they don’t exist in enough numbers.”

And, according to Gherson, whether it’s banking or industrial, every single company is “tuned into” AI of some kind.

What’s more, she said if you’re not including AI in your business, you’ll be left behind.

“The real challenge that every company is facing is … how do I develop those skills internally and how do I create a culture where everybody feels like it’s my job to keep continually learning,” she said.

Although the landscape is changing, IBM says only a few jobs will actually be eliminated because AI can be used not only in the search process but also to help place employees in adjacent positions.

“Because artificial intelligence understands enough about jobs and resumes and if you have that experience then you must have these skills -- it’s able to map you to jobs you’ve never even dreamt of,” she said.

But having a college degree isn’t enough anymore, she said, and the onus is on companies to bolster employees’ skills. IBM has already begun taking this initiative.

“We actually advertise to our employees, here are the skills that are declining… and here are the ones that are growing,” she said.  “And we encourage people to go take those courses, take those skills, get the training, move to new opportunities — that’s how companies have to operate now.”

Gherson added that AI can also help companies place employees in positions with adjacent skills.