American dream still within reach: Michael Milken

Americans who believe that the “American dream” is disappearing will no longer have to be concerned about their future.

Famed financier and philanthropist Michael Milken, known as the “junk bond king” through the 1980s, told FOX Business that the American dream is still within reach.

A new study from MassMutual revealed that a vast majority of American’s define their “American dream” as having financial security for themselves and their family.

Milken said that he created a center to inspire people and “reinforce the view that everyone has a chance at the American dream.”

“You have these studies showing that not just in America but in Europe people think that they will not have as good a life as their parents did,” he told FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo during an exclusive interview on Thursday. “Now that was always different, they would have a better life.”

Milken said the center would focus on education, health, providing access to capital and the role of the entrepreneur.

“This American dream is a chance based on your ability — what you can achieve,” he added.