Gold price flushes below $1,900

Gold prices on Wednesday fell below $1,900 an ounce for the first time in nearly two months amid continued strength in the U.S. dollar.

Why are coins hard to find during the pandemic?

The Federal Reserve has seen a significant decline of coins in circulation because people are not spending them as regularly at businesses, many of which are either temporarily closed or not accepting cash.

Why hackers use bitcoin and why it is so difficult to trace

Although it hasn’t found success as a mainstream, transactional currency, it is increasingly used in scams. Purporting to be former President Obama, Bill Gates and Kanye West, hackers steered Twitter followers to send $1,000 in bitcoin, promising $2,000 in return. They drew more than $100,000 before the scam was shut down.

Before Twitter-Bitcoin hack, online forum offered accounts for sale

Before a hacking campaign tore through Twitter and compromised some of its most high-profile users, an ad went up on a gray market site that facilitates the trade of user accounts for popular websites, including not only Twitter but Netflix,  Instagram, Minecraft and others.