Former McDonald's USA CEO: Burger King hogging all the Impossible Burgers

Meatless meat is a fast-growing trend. But former McDonald’s USA CEO Ed Rensi doesn’t expect to see it on “Mickey D’s” menu anytime soon.

“Based on the amount of production that Impossible Burger has right now I doubt it’s going to be anytime soon,” Rensi told FOX Business’ David Asman on “Varney & Co.” on Monday in response to whether he expects fake meat to be served at McDonald’s. “When Burger King made the announcement that they were going to start using Impossible Burgers, all the early adapters like Fat Brands ... selling the Impossible Burger got put on the sidelines and it’s impossible for us to get the product now because it’s all going to go to Burger King.”

However Rensi, who spent more than three decades at McDonald’s before becoming chairman of Fatburger parent company FAT Brands, said he believes that fake meat is “here to stay.”

“I think you’re going to see more and more of this kind of development. Beyond Meat is a company that’s certainly coming on strong, I know the people there, they are pretty good. I am working with a couple of young ladies in San Francisco that own a company that’s doing a very similar thing. I’m advising them on the food service industry so they make a product that fits right,” he said.

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BYND BEYOND MEAT INC. 6.65 -0.16 -2.35%
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FAT FAT BRANDS INC. 5.36 +0.01 +0.28%

But Rensi said he’s also upset with “food fraud” in the United States. In his opinion, meatless alternatives should not be called meat.

“Why not call Impossible Burger what it really is? It’s a plant-based protein that’s been altered by a science to mimic a product that you can buy that costs 25 percent less and has more nutrition—any by the way – it’s got significantly less salt,” he said.

Aside from being a good option for vegans and vegetarians, Rensi said he also likes the taste of the Impossible Burger and the Beyond Meat Burger.