White Castle’s Impossible Burger satiates Varney’s hankering for meatless-meat

White Castle Vice President: The Impossible Slider has a great audience

White Castle Vice President Jamie Richardson on the success of the Impossible Sliders at the fast-food chain.

It has been a year since White Castle added its Impossible slider to its menu.

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The plant-based burger, which costs $1.99, is “a lot more” popular than expected, White Castle Vice President Jamie Richardson said during an interview with FOX Business’ Stuart Varney on Friday.

“We're about 40 percent ahead of projections. It's been amazing,” he said.


Richardson said the meatless burgers’ good reputation spread by word of mouth.

“We've had over 100 million social media impressions, so the word has got out, and that's been driving a lot of great attention and fun,” he said.


And before Richardson departed, he wanted the FOX Business host to try the burger.

“We knew you had a hankering to taste one yourself," he said. "So we wanted to get it to you today."

"I've got it here in my little hand. We've got that camera on it. And this one I'm gonna take a bite and have a look at it. I've not tasted meatless-meat before,” Varney said.

And the verdict? 

"Good," Varney said. "Well it tastes like meat… and the texture is very similar."

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