The Latest: EU says 2 halves of Ireland a Brexit issue

The latest on the European Union summit dealing with the Brexit negotiations (all times local) 1:10 p.m. Japan's prime minister Shinzo Abe, who met his British counterpart Friday, says he will "continue to trust" the U.K.'s economy after its separation from the European Union.



3 Dates for Investors to Circle in May

Snap will post its first quarterly report as a public company, Disney opens up two highly anticipated theme park attractions, and Microsoft makes a push to school schools. The month ahead won't be boring at all.

Keep Your Hands Inside the Coaster

By SNW Asset Management via There were a lot of scary market moving events over the last few weeks. Rising tension in North Korea, bombings in Syria and Afghanistan, not to mention elections in France and newly scheduled elections in the UK. Even the U.S. political agenda is impacting the markets. The latest is the…



New ETFs That Reinvent Fixed Income Investing—Without Reinventing the Wheel

By Salvatore Bruno via We all know the drill: the Fed raises interest rates, and the bond market falls. That’s an important equation to consider now that the decade-long era of historically low interest rates is slowly but surely coming to an end. But while bonds and the fixed income market may not be able to compete with US equities these…

Shenzhen: China’s New Economic Zone

By Frank Holmes via Forty years ago, Shenzhen, China, was a sleepy fishing village of 30,000. But in 1980, then-Communist Party leader Deng Xiaoping designated the southern town as one of four special economic zones (SEZs), thereby giving it special tax benefits and preferential treatment to foreign investment. In the years that followed, Shenzhen expanded…