New app from NFL player creates one-stop shop for all politics

Former NFL wide receiver Walter Powell Jr. has developed a new app, Politiscope, which aims to be a “one-stop shop for all politics.”

“It’s going to tell you politician statistics, what they voted for or against on any legislation,” Powell Jr. told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney on Friday. “We showcase notable articles, media and just anything you need to know about your politician.”

Powell, who played four years in the NFL for the Arizona Cardinals, New York Jets and Buffalo Bills, created Politiscope with his brother, Brandon Williams, also an NFL alum, as an instrument to engage everyone in the political process.

“From all the way up top to all the way down to the bottom -- everybody would just use it just because it’s simple to use and it’s easy to navigate through,” he said.

“And instead of spending a whole hour trying to figure out what one bill means… you can figure out what 50 to 100 means in an hour.”

The app allows users to call up player profiles for politicians on the federal level and will eventually work its way down to the locals, Powell said.

Right now, Powell said he’s focused on expanding its user base, but plans to also turn the app into a platform for political campaigns.