Veteran-owned startup shakes up condiment business with secret weapon

A veteran-owned startup, True Made Foods, is shaking up the condiment game with healthier options.

“Most people don’t know this,” said Abe Kamarck, a former U.S. Navy Helicopter pilot, during an appearance on FOX Business’ Stuart Varney. “But the condiments in your refrigerator are probably the worst things for you… they have more sugar per ounce than ice cream… chocolate chip cookies and most cases of soda.”

Kamarck, a father of four, created True Made Foods in 2015 after losing battle after battle with his kids at the dinner table, who he says were consuming enormous amounts of sugar from ketchup.

To combat sugary sauces, Kamarck developed a secret weapon; “We’ve turned ketchup and barbeque sauce into superfoods,” he said.

Thanks to a recent $100,000 seed investment from the PenFed Foundation, in cooperation with PenFed Credit Union, the second largest federal credit union in the United States, Kamarck is expanding. Although the Virginia-based company is yet to turn a profit, Kamarch said the company is closing in on a million dollars in sales this year and growing rapidly, including on Amazon.

PenFed Credit Union is helping Kamarck and other veterans succeed in business by leveraging their large influence network base.

“Since 2001 the PenFed Foundation has donated over $30 million to military causes,” said PenFed Credit Union CEO James Schenck. “But this year we decided to actually invest in the best kept secrets and greatest opportunities.”

True Made Foods are sold in 2,000 stores nationwide, including 700 Walmart’s.