Fired Google employee cries foul play in 'kangaroo court' investigation

Hours after a software engineer first spoke out on FOX Business about what he described as an “outrage mob” and witch hunts at one of the biggest companies in the world, Mike Wacker was suspended and then fired for -- according to him -- opening up about anti-conservative bias at Google. He believes there is dishonest behavior on the part of the tech giant.

“They just basically hauled me in front of a kangaroo court, basically called into this meeting with no notice. They asked me a bunch of random questions and I’m still trying to get my bearings, I’m like trying to figure out why I’m being investigated,” he told FOX Business’ Trish Regan on Monday.

But in a statement to FOX Business, Google said that Wacker had been given multiple warnings “related to a pattern of threatening communications to co-workers and managers” which eventually led to his dismissal.

"This individual received a final written warning in March, following verbal warnings in 2017 and 2018, related to a pattern of threatening communications to co-workers and managers,” said a Google spokesperson. “We have provided him coaching and guidance, but the behavior has continued. There have since been new violations towards a fellow employee, so we have taken action. We are a workplace and, like all workplaces, we have basic rules about the standards of behavior we expect at work."

However in Wacker’s opinion, the “basic rules about the standards of behavior” is conforming to one side of political thought.

“It’s really bizarre how they enforce these standards. On the one hand employment threats are not threatening when they come from the left, on the other hand, even mildly-harsh criticism coming from the right is treated as threatening. So if they had been enforcing these standards evenly they could have a case, but they have not,” he explained.

Wacker believes that he was penalized because of his ideology.

“In the final written warning one of the allegations they had against me was that someone had called me rude, disrespectful and intellectually dishonest — well this was the same person who had referred to Sen. [Marsha] Blackburn as a terrorist, and in the same threat where he called me rude, he also doubled down [on] his past comments on Blackburn, described her as threatening. So if you want to know what standards for threatening are, just ask that employee,” he said.


Google is reportedly gearing up for an anti-trust battle with the Department of Justice, according to FOX Business’ Charlie Gasparino.