Google engineer speaks out on the tech giant’s anti-conservative bias

A Google software engineer is exposing what he calls the tech giant’s left-wing culture “outrage mobs” that stifle free speech.

Mike Wacker, a conservative engineer, told FOX Business that Google has become a hostile workplace.

“Sometimes it’s just hard to avoid kind of the hostility to conservative views of the company,” he said exclusively on “Trish Regan Primetime” Tuesday. “There is always some sort of outrage mob of some topic whether it’s Google sponsoring CPAC.”

Accusations of suppressing conservative views has plagued Silicon Valley companies such as Facebook, Google and Twitter.

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In 2017, former Google employee James Damore gained national notoriety when an internal memo went viral after criticized the company's diversity efforts. The internet giant end up firing Damore after the memo was disclosed.

Wacker points out to an instance where a Google employee was reported to the human resources department after sharing an article from the National Review, a leading conservative magazine.

“You don’t know what’s going to offend somebody next and a lot of time they are going to HR over these trivial things,” he said.

Wacker himself has approached Google’s HR department after an employee felt threatened for sharing the views of Heritage Foundation's Kay Coles James.

“He basically said, ‘Hey, you should either keep these to yourselves or you should get out of the company,’” Wacker said of one person who made an employment threat at Google.


Wacker is currently employed at Google has been working for the search engine company for over 5 years.