Ex-Google employee says Silicon Valley blacklists conservatives

Google and other companies based in Silicon Valley “blacklist conservatives”, according to a former Google employee who was fired after sending a company-wide memo criticizing the internet giant.

“If someone shows that they’re a conservative, they’ll be blacklisted between different companies and different teams … And that really needs to change,” James Damore, the fired Google engineer, told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney on “Varney & Co.”

Damore gained national notoriety when an internal memo that he penned faulting Google for its diversity policies went viral. In the memo, Damore wrote that because of innate differences between the genders, fewer women are represented in technology.

“It was sort of forbidden knowledge at Google,” he said. “But it’s common sense to many.”

Previously, Damore has said that the company is intolerant of any employee who espouses conservative ideologues.