Eye candy: Ambient smart home lighting for futuristic entertainment centers

Watching a movie is fun, but watching a movie with mood lighting is better.

At least that’s what smart home lighting companies are thinking with their customizable and color changing systems designed for entertainment centers. Whether you want a simple backlight or a decorative LED art piece, there’s a smart home light out there to fulfill your room brightening needs.

Here are six smart home lighting gadgets for decking out computer rooms, television stands and every other place you like to entertain.

DreamScreen 4K

The DreamScreen 4K is a premium multicolor backlight system that pairs with an HDMI connection and matches the hues on your monitor. It uses PIXEL COLOR technology, which is designed to sustain lighting effects at high framerates and screen resolutions. The kit can also sync with video and audio.

HALO Color Ambient Bias Lighting

The HALO Color Ambient Bias Lighting built to reduce eye strain while watching TV by increasing on-screen contrast for richer grays and blacks. It can also be switched for a more vibrant mode with six individual color options. This lighting system is USB-powered, remote controllable, mountable and compatible with wall adapters.


The LIFX Tile is a modular light system that can be combined with up five tiles for a colorful, luminescent show. It uses Polychrome Technology, which offers 64 customizable color zones, effects and trillions of possible combinations. The tiles are also interactive so you can write and doodle and save the designs for later.

Nanoleaf Screen Mirror

The Nanoleaf Screen Mirror creates an immersive theater-like experience that mimics your screen with similar color palettes. With four visual modes built-in, these light tiles provide a dynamic and customizable experience that complements entertainment centers.


Philips Hue Play White & Color Ambiance LED Bar Light Extension

The Philips Hue Play light bar brightens any living space with its 16 million color options. It works with major voice assistants, can stand on its own or be mounted and is capable of having three light bars assigned to a single socket.

Sengled Smart LED Multicolor Light Strip

The Sengled Smart LED Multicolor Light Strip is designed to enhance your atmosphere over 16 million possible color options and app controls that allow you to assign schedules and routines. It works with Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can make voice commands from a distance.