Sarah Jessica Parker trades her Cosmo for new wine collection

Sarah Jessica Parker is swapping out her beloved Cosmo for a glass of wine.

The “Sex in the City” actress has teamed up with Invivo & Co, a New Zealand-based winery which launched in 2008, to put her stamp on an exclusive collection of wines.

“At the end of the work day, I have a glass of wine. Literally, every single day. Every. Single. Day” SJP said in a recently released Invivo & Co video.

Celebrity recognition works.

Invivo & Co’s winery co-founder Tim Lightbourne tells FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo, “It’s not just about having their name on the label, it’s about getting them involved in the wine making process and she’ll be choosing the wines with us.”


Actors and musicians often step outside of entertainment and expand their name recognition power into the retail, restaurant, and other industries.

“We bring over here about eight samples of the new harvest, she tastes through them all, and she’ll be choosing the blooms; I like this one, I don’t like that,” Lightbourne said on Wednesday.

The Sarah Jessica Parker wine will hit stores in August of this year.