Sarah Jessica Parker: ‘Sex and the City’ Helped Make Me an Entrepreneur

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker may not have a traditional business degree—but she says her experience producing “Sex and the City” helped provide a solid business education.

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“When I was first asked to produce the ‘Sex and the City’ TV show and then the movies … What happened is I learned about business down to the minutiae,” Parker tells FBN’s Maria Bartiromo.

And she loved the tiny details that come with running a business, from discussing unions and wages to social compliance and global production.

“It has been a thrilling education for me,” says Parker.

Aside from producing, Parker is gearing up for the launch of her first shoe line. The SJP Collection –a collaboration with Manolo Blahnik’s George Malkemus – will debut this Friday at Nordstrom retailers.

“The three things that were most important when George and I sat on his office floor were quality, design and price point,” says Parker. She says the shoes are produced by third- and fourth-generation Tuscan shoemakers.

The SJP Collection will retail for $198 to $495 – a price point at a sweet spot for consumers, says Parker.

“That sits in a space that has not been really mined and really penetrated, so while not as affordable to some as I would like them to be, there’s a large group that can now reach out and have a shoe like this, that is in my opinion beautifully made,” says Parker.