Patriotic entrepreneur uses old US military uniforms to design accessories

Entrepreneur Eve Baum started out by designing purses 14 years ago -- now she makes a full line of military-inspired accessories out of old uniforms.

“This is my mission—this is my passion—it’s very close to my heart,” she told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney on Monday. “I feel like military people—they give so much to our country—that it’s the least of the things that I can do for them is to give them a little piece of their loved one.”

Baum, also a military wife, is sent old uniforms, and then turns them into accessories ranging from pillows to tote bags and teddy bears.

“Sadly we do a lot of fallen heroes which I thought we could talk about with Memorial Day coming up,” she said. “People will send us their loved ones uniforms from all eras—it could be World War II, it could be current and then we cut them up and we use their name tapes, their patches sometimes for them to keep a piece of their item.”


Each of the items ranges in price from about $30 to $100.