Macy's ripped for line of 'body-shaming' plates

Macy's recently pulled a series of dishes off their shelves that were allegedly promoting body-shaming.

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“We apologize to our customers for missing the mark on this product,” Macy’s said in a statement.

The dishes feature three circles: The largest one called "mom jeans," the middle called "favorite jeans" and the smallest called "skinny jeans."

The plates caused an outcry on social media, with some saying the dishes encouraged people to have a bad body image and would lead to unhealthy eating habits, while others weren't as insulted.

One Twitter user said: "How can I get these plates from @Macys banned in all 50 states."

Macy's responded to Ward by saying "Hi Alie -- we appreciate you sharing this with us and agree that we missed the mark on this product. It will be removed from all STORY at Macy's locations."

Another person said: "And you wonder why people hate their bodies. Cool @Macys so glad you can support a toxic body shaming culture."

On the other hand, many were not bothered by the plates.

One person said: "Scary that humorless people can succeed in Macy's removal of a product from 50 stores. Don't have to buy them, that's all! This is a dangerous trend. "Body shaming"? Please, those were fun plates, different, even helpful. Shame on Macy's for caving. Wow, what's next. @Macys."

Another wrote, "I'd totally use these plates from @Macys... why's everyone so sensitive though?!"