Electric Ford F-150 as powerful as gas-powered truck, engineer says

The Ford F-150 is going electric.  The automaker recently unveiled a prototype of an all-electric version of the truck in the works.  But how will Ford convince truck fans that an all-electric version will have the power they expect?

Ford F-150 Chief Nameplate Engineer Linda Zhang told the Fox Business Network’s ‘FBN:AM’ “That’s exactly what we’re trying to do here in this extreme demonstration is to show our customers that we are able to deliver power with this vehicle,” referring to a video in which the all-electric prototype is towing 10 double-decker rail cars weighing more than one million pounds.

The F-150 has long been a leader in truck sales which are an increasingly dominant part of the auto sales picture. According to Edmunds.com, 70 percent of all vehicles sold in the second-quarter were trucks and SUVs.

Zhang then weighed on the truck’s sales among women in the wake of minivans’ sales declining over the last couple years seemingly unable to shake the ‘soccer mom’ image.


“We have a great base of customers and I have a lot of friends that are F-150 drivers that are female and they love being in a pickup truck, that power, that stance, that ability to do all of the things that any of our customers would be able to use it for in terms of productivity and capability.”