Amazon can't compete with treasure hunt experience at some brick-and-mortar retailers

Reports of the death of brick-and-mortar in the Amazon era are greatly exaggerated.

United National Consumer Suppliers CEO Brett Rose told FOX Business on Friday they can’t compete with the treasure hunt experience at some brick-and-mortar retailers.

“There’s no arguing that there’s a major convenience by being able to click a button and have the product that you need,” he told Charles Payne. “But there’s also a certain experience that one gets when they walk into a store.”

After reporting strong quarterly results Target CEO Brian Cornell touted the economy saying that this is the best consumer environment that he has ever seen. In Rose’s opinion Cornell’s comment was accurate.

“Like the Target CEO said earlier today, it’s an amazing time to be a consumer,” Rose added. “You walk into certain stores you see it, feel it, touch it -- you find something you needed versus something you wanted online,” he explained.

Cornell also noted that even though Amazon will eventually have same-day delivery in most markets, they will not be able to satisfy the instant gratification of running out and purchasing products.