Varney: 2020 election will be fight between capitalism and socialism

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The 2020 Election will be capitalism vs. socialism: Varney

FBN's Stuart Varney on Democrat debates and who will be the final four fighting it out.

The also-rans are still the also-rans. After two rounds of debate none of the candidates have broken through. The long-shots now really have no shot.

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Its Biden, Sanders, Warren and Harris who will fight it out. It’s very hard to see Booker or Mayor Pete or Klobuchar joining the front ranks. And the rest of the field is either looking for a future cabinet job, or big speaking fees.


I know it’s early, but it seems to me, it’s down to those four: all of them came out of the Senate. Politicians. They don't have the executive experience of a state governor, and certainly not the hands-on experience of running a business.

Democrats will now have to choose how far left they want to is an ideological choice: Warren and Sanders are socialists who have no time for capitalism. Biden and Harris have not signed up for the revolution, but when it comes to taxes, growing the economy, and especially climate change, they're not that far behind.

Just look at the sharp left turn. During the debates, the moderates struggled for impact. Their arguments dismissed.

John Delaney, Tim Ryan and John Hickenlooper all pointed out that eliminating private health insurance or ending border enforcement, will not beat Donald Trump. That was greeted with silence or boos.

But when Biden called for the jailing of health care executives, or when Kamala Harris called Wall Street a bunch of "crooks," there were loud cheers.

Now the struggle is on to raise money. Nobody gets into the next debates in September unless they have at least 130,000 individual donors. That will thin the field, and solidify the Biden, Warren, Sanders, Harris leadership.

And that means that whomsoever the Democrats choose to lead them, the 2020 election will be capitalism vs. socialism.


Prosperity vs. no fossil fuels. No border controls. No private health insurance. No economic liberty!

Gee, I wonder which way Middle America will go.

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