Varney: Elizabeth Warren’s trade plan is economic fantasy

Forgive me for being extreme, but I have to put a label on Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s just-released trade plan: it is a disastrous piece of economic fantasy-land, closely connected to the lunacy of the Green New Deal. “Disastrous" "lunacy" let me back that up.

An America, under President Warren, would only trade with nations that comply in full with the Paris climate agreement. That means we'd be back in. We could only trade with countries that abolish all fossil fuel subsidies. And we couldn't do business with any nation that allows any form of child labor (China? India?) Or fails to guarantee full union rights. Sen. Warren will be in the debate tonight, trade plan and all.

So will Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. He's issued his talking points. He says "the working class has been decimated". He's a socialist and blames big corporations. “Decimated"! Really? Record low unemployment, jobs for all, fast-rising wages. Like the Warren trade plan, Sanders' economics makes no economic sense.

Democratic presidential candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg will also be on the stage tonight: he's likely to play the race card. Or trying to:  " white supremacy could be the issue that "ends this country": those are his words. And that’s one of his talking points.

We bring you all this because these candidates are re-defining the democrat party: the far left is now its face.

Are they going to get away with this hijacking?

Tonight, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., will also be on the debate stage. Will her "moderate" voice be heard?

Tuesday night former Vice President Joe Biden heads the line-up: will he stare down the left? And if he does, will he survive the primaries which usually reward the extremes.


What we're looking at here is a badly split party. And it will be on full display in these debates.

For the first time in years, I'll be watching CNN. They are hosting.

I find it fascinating to see the left implode.