US military is “already active” near Venezuela as America prepares sanctions on Cuba: Major Gen. Bob Scales

Retired U.S. Army General Robert Scales told FOX Business’ Trish Regan that the United States military is indeed operating in the region of Venezuela. He says U.S. forces have been active for some time in Colombia attempting to thwart the drug trade.

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“Let's be very clear. The military is involved. We have had a Special Forces group in Colombia for almost 60 years fighting against the terrorist groups in Colombia” Major Gen. Scales said on “Trish Primetime” Monday. “But they are purely on the periphery. They are helping facilitate the delivery of aid. They are training the Colombian army. They are keeping watch electronically over the border with Venezuela.”

The retired Army major general issued a warning to the Nicolás Maduro government of Venezuela should any harm come to opposition leader Juan Guaidó, the man the U.S. and more than 50 free nations recognize as Venezuela’s interim president.

“If Mr. Guaidó goes to prison, or God forbid they mess with him or his family, that country, particularly the citizens of Caracas, will explode,” Scales said. “I think Maduro knows that he can't push his much farther.”


His caution echoes those from Vice President Mike Pence and Nation Security Adviser John Bolton, as well as other world leaders, many of whom recognize Guaidó as the country’s rightful president, per article 233 of Venezuela’s 1999 constitution.