US companies getting 'the hell out of China': Eric Trump

Eric Trump said Wednesday President Trump, his father, didn’t back down when he decided to delay some China tariffs.

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“People are missing the fact with China that now that China is in the crosshairs of America, regardless of what he does with tariffs, you have companies that are fleeing China – they no longer want to be part of it,” he told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney. “I hear this every day from people walking down the street in various commercial buildings – we’re getting the hell out of China.”

Eric Trump claims that the tariffs are “signaling” to the entire business community that there will be a “rocky road” between the two superpowers for a long time.

"You may as well go to a place that’s more tranquil, that’s more peaceful, that’s not in the crosshairs of America, that’s pro-America, that’s not abusing America, that’s not stealing intellectual property from America,” he said.


However, Trump also noted that the “exodus out of China is not one of these things that takes three days.”

“To actually move manufacturing out of China you have to go find new plants, you have to transfer workforces, you’ve got to do a lot of things,” he explained.

Trump believes the flight out of China will “reshuffle their economy.”