Trump’s top economist Kevin Hassett offers best advice to successor: ‘Always represent’

Kevin Hassett, President Trump’s top economic adviser who’s leaving his White House post, offered his successor his very best advice during an interview on FOX Business on Friday.

“For every CEA chair that I, and you know I talked to pretty much everybody --Austin Goolsbee, everybody says that at the beginning when you get in, the hard part is creating demand for your product,” he told Ashley Webster. “A lot of times political guys want to make decisions without the input of economists so you have to kind of wheedle your way in there and I think what I would do is talk about ways to make sure the CEA is always represented at the table.”

“Austin Goolsbee also once said to me that the other thing to note is when to be out of town,” teased Hassett.

Hassett told FOX Business host Stuart Varney on Monday that he’s leaving his post because two years is the typical tenure for a chairman of the council role before moving back to the private sector.

Meanwhile, Steve Moore on Thursday floated former Reagan economist Art Laffer as a potential replacement. But Hassett declined to comment.


“Art’s a very close friend of the President, a very close friend of mine, and you know I can’t comment on my replacement,” he said adding that the president tweeted that he would make an announcement after his state visit to London.

“Art is a national hero,” Hassett said.