Steve Moore floats Art Laffer as Trump's next top economist

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Stephen Moore on Kevin Hassett's White House position: No one has contacted me

Heritage Foundation Visiting Fellow Stephen Moore on Kevin Hassett announcing his resignation as the White House Council of Economic Advisers Chairman, the Federal Reserve and the state of the economy.

Economist Steve Moore told FOX Business on Thursday that he has not been asked to replace Trump’s top economic adviser Kevin Hassett. However he believes one former Reagan economist, who President Trump is very fond of, is more than qualified to fill the role

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“He’s a regular on your show and he’s going to win the Presidential Medal of Freedom,” Moore told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney. “But how about Arthur Laffer?”


“I know from talking to the president that he thinks that Laffer is the best economist in the country – he would love to have Laffer,” Moore added. “The question is, what you and I need to do, is put the pressure on Laffer to accept the job.”


In Moore’s opinion, Laffer “maybe the most influential economist of the last 50 years.”

Moore recently withdrew from Federal Reserve Board consideration, and said he may “do something at the White House or in the campaign,” in the future, but would not like to go through a “confirmation hassle” again.

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