Trish Regan: China plays by its own set of rules

Fresh evidence that China still thinks it can play by its own set of rules. According to a newly released study in the journal 'Nature', scientists have discovered the source of a mysterious, recent rise in a very dangerous, ozone-destroying chemical. This chemical was supposed to be phased out in 2010, but apparently China didn’t get the memo. I’m being nice. Because, the reality is, they knew but didn’t care.

The chemical has been traced to Eastern China. The Chinese want to have their cake and eat it too.  They want to have “developing nation” status and are out there as one of the biggest borrowers on the planet from the World Bank while simultaneously trying to play the part of a grown up on the world stage.

Hey China, it’s time to join the big kids table and play by the big kids rules. You are the second largest economy in the world and you’re still growing.

Back in 1980, we were 15 times the size of you. Now? We’re just one and a half times as big. And if this keeps up, you may soon overtake us.

But, I suspect you’ll soon be forced to grow up. That’s because all those loans from the World Bank (you're one of the top borrowers on the planet)  - they’re going to start drying up .

Now, all you viewers should know, members of the Chinese communist ruling party, they all seem to have rather sensitive egos. So sensitive that they’ve taken a real dislike to me - someone who dares to tell it like it is. And this week, a state media news presenter named Liu Xin launched a personal attack on me - even saying my eyes spit fire! But, I'm going to take it as a compliment because, as I’ve explained, I’m proud to show my emotion when confronted with a reality that will be bad for Americans.  But, hey, the truth hurts, right? CGTN's Liu Xin hated hearing the truth about how much the Chinese Communist Party steals. She even dared to say I need a better research team. For the record, my research team is the best in the business. And you want examples of theft? Here we go:

In 2018: a Chinese wind turbine manufacturer is found guilty of stealing trade secrets from a U.S costing the US company $800 million dollars.

Also last year, according to the DOJ, two Chinese nationals were accused of coordinating with Chinese state security officials in an extensive hacking campaign, allegedly infiltrating 45 U.S. companies and government agencies, as well as other firms in more than a dozen countries. The hackers stole information from companies in all kinds of industries, including banking and finance, telecommunications, biotechnology, automotive, health.

Meanwhile, the Chinese communist party claims they can't negotiate with the U.S. Honestly, it’s not that hard! Don’t overcomplicate it. All the U.S. is asking for is free, fair trade. zero tariffs on your goods, zero tariffs on ours! And no more stealing our things.


Ms. Liu Xin, you seem like a nice enough woman. And even if you are just reading state propaganda written for you off a teleprompter by a member of the communist party, I’d like to invite you to have an honest, live debate with me - a real discussion. You name the time and place. We can meet someplace neutral, outside of China or the U.S. Consider this an invitation. I look forward to your reply.