Trish Regan: China wages information war against the US and me

In response to the United States putting Chinese telecom and software companies on notice, the Chinese are launching a full-scale information war against the U.S. and now, me.

China is hitting me because I’ve dared to say we should engage in economic warfare with the financial tools we have and, maybe even, because I recently had on my show Steve Bannon, the man whom the Chinese have just accused of being the true enemy of America.

Now, they’re hitting me. Interestingly, the Chinese state media say Bannon is an enemy while accusing me of not knowing my research, which I do. They even claim I’m just emotional. For the record, any emotion you see is quite real and it comes from substance. But to the Chinese state-run media, I’m “just a girl” -- just an “American girl” -- so, I clearly couldn’t know what I’m talking about, right? Of course, I must be all emotion, no substance. Hey, China -- a little insight into how we American women think: We‘re damn smart and we will willingly respond with emotion when presented with a set of facts. The facts are, China’s aspirations are not good for us, nor our families. China wants to take our economic place in the world and, in doing so, will devastate our economy at the expense of our future and our families’ futures.

Meanwhile, if they’re not calling me emotional, they’re trying to scare people with the power they perceive me to have. They say, and I quote, “Her economic warmongering reaches millions of Americans in their homes – and possibly many others around the world. And given the close, almost symbiotic relationship that the Fox has with the current U.S. administration, it's fair to say she also speaks for Trump's America.”

The accusation is I speak for Trump’s America? Sometimes, sometimes not. I am not here to tout anyone’s view but my own. I can only articulate what I personally believe is right for our country. And, the present situation vis a via China is not right for our country and cannot continue. But here’s a message for them: China, if you’re fair with us, I suspect we’ll be very fair with you. But don’t think for two seconds that this nonsense of you taxing our goods, while we allow yours to come in duty-free is going to continue.


Yes, we are in an economic war with China and we’re winning. Of course, we will, and should, and will fight to make the world markets more fair. And yes, the Chinese are stealing from us. Intellectual property theft costs American companies as much as $600 billion a year. That’s a lot of money! But worse than the annual effect is the long-term one. If we keep allowing them to poach what we have created, when does it stop? Does it stop when the tables are reversed? When they’ve taken everything from us?

Here's my advice to China: You’ve picked the wrong fight. Play fair, trade fair or don’t trade at all.