Trish Regan: 2020 Democrats are trivializing geopolitical and economic threats

Our country faces some of its biggest international challenges in modern times — from a potential military conflict with Iran to a trade war and fight for our economic future with China, to the threat of a Cold War-like crisis in Venezuela that is unlike anything we have seen since the Cuban missile crisis.

Yet we have 23 Democrats (and still counting) running for the office of president of the United States who will pretty much all tell you that climate change is the biggest issue confronting America right now, along with debt-free college and tax cuts for the middle class.

Hey, Earth to Democrats, the middle class got a massive tax cut, and according to the tax policy center, 64 percent of Americans paid less tax last year. Imagine that, considering tax revenues went up! The point being that while they are fixated on everything from impeachment to open borders, we have real challenges in front of us. Donald Trump, when it comes to his economic and foreign policy, is looking like the only adult in the room

Steve Bannon, the president’s former chief strategist, whom I spoke with last night from Paris, slammed the Democrats for their immaturity.

“They have some terrific young candidates, but nobody has broken out. I think one of the reasons they are in single digits is Kamala Harris, Mayor Pete, Beto [O’Rourke], across the board, they are running like they are running for student council president. You know, they are not talking about China. They’re not talking about Iran. They’re not talking about Venezuela. This is a very dangerous world right now, and President Trump has got a very sane policy he’s going through. This is almost like 1930s to a degree. … and you hear debates, and you hear people like ... [the] United States exists on an island. That is not the case.”


No, we are not on an island. We live in an increasingly complex global world and if we’re not careful, we’re going to have challenges we never dreamed we’d have.

There is a lot of responsibility that goes with being the most powerful, most prosperous nation in the world. We cannot afford to ignore that.