Permanent tax cuts for middle class becoming more doubtful

President Trump’s tax cut 2.0 plan is doomed unless the Senate can grind out another vote before the end of the year, according to Rep. Michael Burgess.

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“The Senate really should look at that very seriously,” Burgess, R-Texas, told FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo on Monday. “Because it will be harder in the next Congress to provide the permanency for the middle class.”

Although the House passed the latest tax reform package in late September that would make individual tax cuts permanent, the new Democrat-led House puts GOP tax cuts in jeopardy.

And Burgess said that won’t go over well with the middle class.

“The last thing you want to do is tell the middle class that ‘oh yeah you’re facing a tax hike in 2026 because we couldn’t get our work done,’” said Burgess. “That just won’t fly.”

Despite that, during an interview on “Sunday Morning Futures,” House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said there’s still time to take the plan up in the Senate.

The first day of the new Congress convenes at noon on Jan. 3. Democrats will become the majority party in the House, while Republicans retain control of the Senate.