Pelosi throws ‘ice water’ on Dems looking to impeach Trump: Kennedy

If D.C. is a rotting cesspool then all the creatures who soak in her putrid filth are very familiar with each other. We have seen from Lisa Page's testimony how eager the Justice Department was to alter the outcome of the Hillary investigation, and now it seems House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has gathered a glance at the Mueller report.

If the speaker had caught wind of good news and bad acts on the president's part, do you think she'd so loudly declare an impeachment moratorium? Not a chance! She is softening the impact of what is lining up to be a tepid tome from the special counsel who doesn't seem to have the goods on the bad guy.

Democrats have been saying for almost two years that Bob Mueller has impeccable character, needs to be guarded from a presidential turfing, and all must wait for his report to pull the trigger on the 'i' word.

Now Nancy is throwing a bucket of ice water on hot and bothered dems who can't wait another day for president pence to be sworn in, and attention whoring blowhards like House Intel Chair Adam Schiff are threatening to frog march Mueller to the Capitol for a dressing down to get the naked truth in his report.

Schiff isn't the only one with an impeachment fantasy. Congressmen Steve Cohen, Brad Sherman and Al Green have all introduced their own articles that have been thrown into the House Incinerator by Nancy. Schiff insisted the president was a Russian tool, a colluding clown who was actively compromising national security. Now he's just miffed D.T. was hedging his presidential bets, assuming an electoral loss would mean a big win in the real estate race.

Everyone assumed Donald Trump would lose, especially Donald Trump. Does that mean everyone who would be affected by the outcome should be arrested for making alternate plans during a Hillary presidency?!

Democrats are so foolish to continue this snipe hunt. They've lost sight that Trump is the "perfect" villain, and removing jaws from moonraker leaves you with Hugh Grant not 007.


Resistant Dems have gotten suckered into the president's honey hole and if they keep impeachment on the table they're only setting it for his easy re-election.