Kennedy: Democrats should save themselves from their short sighted impeachment fever

Sullen Democrats are still impeachment obsessed, and billionaire Tom Steyer is willing to pin his fortune on unseating the president. Steyer doesn't have the walnuts to run for office himself because he's odd and unlikable, so he's flushing his money down this political suckhole which is a lose/lose proposition.

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The emotionally immature freshman congress-children like Rashida Tlaib have, like Steyer, made their legislative life work sending President Trump packing for good back to Mar-a-Lago. There is no upside, because despite their big wishes and false dichotomies they haven't been able to pinpoint a smoking gun or a simmering pistol.

Sure they were mainlining Michael Cohen's conspiracy theories when he loaded up his hyperbolic syringe and shot them up with false hopes, but nothing truly concrete and impeachable has surfaced from their wishful thinkings.

I have said all along impeachment is a surefire re-election gambit for the president who will have forever solidified his over earnest enemies, and he will finally seem sympathetic to curious voters outside his base. However much impeachment helped Bill Clinton, the process turned him into a folk hero, it would be compounded for President Trump who has railed against the deep state and a compromised press, and torched Democrats for being myopically political and obsessed.

If Dems succeed here not only will he not be removed, he is guaranteed re-election not just for sympathy, but the re-invigoration it would give him being justified in his long held paranoia.

Let's say it works, and there is a bombshell in the Mueller report, or Jerry Nadler has some committee tricks up his wizard sleeve that bring all the president's demons into focus. Let's say the Senate out of sheer exhaustion or polling  shows a new anti-Donald mandate, Dems are left to deal with Vice President Pence. He makes a much better straw man than the current and contradictory president, but he is also tethered to a consistent and very conservative ideology that he will sell with a cohesive "awww shucks!" hoosierity that will make Ronald Reagan look like Bernie Sanders.


Rabid Democrats want to save the country from an uncouth president, but they should save themselves from their short sighted impeachment fever which is bound to backfire in spectacular fashion.