Mini Ocasio-Cortez impersonator is a viral sensation but hasn't earned a single dollar, she says

An adorable 8-year-old actress from California who impersonates New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has become an Internet sensation.

The mini-AOC quickly rose to fame after her father and uncle noticed a resemblance between the two.

“They thought I looked like her… so they said I should start making videos teasing her,” Ava Martinez told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney on Tuesday.

When the Fox Business host asked “do you think you like her?” She responded: “Um—yes—not that much.”

Martinez made a splash online with videos mocking the freshman congresswoman’s Green New Deal and stance on socialism. 


She was willing to give FOX Business viewers a little taste of her talent, as long as she didn’t have to mimic former FBI chief James Comey.

“Can you do me?” asked Varney.

“I live in England,” she exclaimed in a British accent.

And when Varney asked whether she’s made any money, she replied: “No I haven’t even earned $1 yet.”