Kamala Harris 'finished' after border question triggers tense exchange with Univision anchor: Rick Perry

Harris snapped back at anchor while pressed on when she'll visit the border

Former U.S. Secretary of Energy and Texas Governor Rick Perry claimed Kamala Harris is "finished" after she snapped at a Univision anchor asking why the vice president hasn’t visited the border.

During an interview on Thursday, Univision anchor Ilia Calderón pressed Harris on how she has yet to make it down to the US-Mexico border to see the migrant crisis in person.

"I've said I'm going to the border," Harris told the anchor. "And I-"

"When are you going to the border, Vice President?" Calderón asked.

"I'm not finished," Harris sternly replied along with a brief chuckle.

On "Mornings with Maria" Friday, Perry slammed Harris’ lack of professionalism and leadership after she was appointed by President Biden to lead the administration’s efforts to address the border crisis.

"She is finished," Perry told FOX Business host Maria Bartiromo. 

"The fact is that Americans are seeing across the board that this person is not ready for primetime from the standpoint of being able to be a leader that impresses any confidence that she has the ability to lead, to do what's right for America," he added. 


Perry further criticized the Biden administration’s "war on fossil fuels" and said canceling the Keystone XL Pipeline jeopardizes economic and national security.

"Not only was this a massive signal to the Canadians that, look, you can't trust your neighbors to the south. I mean, those are our friends. They are our allies. And we basically hit them right in the nose with a fist in shutting down the XL Pipeline," Perry said.

Perry also argued the move makes the U.S. more dependent on foreign adversaries for oil.

"When you think about what Iran's all about, when you think about what Russia's all about, their underlying economics are oil and gas-based," Perry said. "The Biden administration basically strengthened Iran, they strengthened Russia at the cost of America."


Despite Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm admitting pipelines are "the best way" to transport fuel, Biden pushed the measure as a necessary step in addressing climate change.

But Perry claimed the consequences of canceling Keystone will cause more immediate issues.


"The people who are going to get hit first on this are going to be the poorest of Americans when gasoline prices, the cost of heating fuel, the cost of transportation for their food and other products... Go through the roof," Perry said.

When discussing the Iran nuclear deal, Perry suggested the Biden admin and current climate envoy John Kerry are desperate to re-enter negotiations.

"This is a personal vendetta, if you will, by [Kerry], kind of like, you know, 'This is my deal. I got my good reputation on this Iran deal, and I'm going to prove to you that it'll work,’" Perry said. "Well, John Kerry, it isn't it isn't going to work. If you're going to trust the Iranians over America, God bless your soul, brother, because you are in trouble."

Perry believes that it's up to voters to change these energy policies.

"The American people have the opportunity to change the course of what's going on," Perry said. "In 2022, I hope they will seriously look at this and make sure that they pick right."

Fox News’ Joseph A. Wulfsohn contributed to this report.