Green New Deal combines radical environmentalism and socialism: Varney

The vote was 45 - 2, virtually unanimous. New York City signs on to the Green New Deal: This legislation means all those skyscrapers will have to be renovated, drastically, to make them much more energy efficient. The rich will have to pay for this. Far-left Mayor Bill de Blasio is on board.

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The Green New Deal called for the inspection of every building in the country: NYC has jumped ahead of the pack. Trump Tower is a skyscraper, and the hate-Trump locals say it uses more energy than nine out of 10 city buildings. That did it: This vast new expense was justified as a way to get at the president!

But this mandate has implications beyond New York. It has national significance. The Green New Deal is rapidly becoming the biggest and most important plank in the Democrats' campaign for 2020.

This Green New Deal combines radical environmentalism and socialism. Full government control of all aspects of your life, justified by the threat of apocalypse in 12 years. Many candidates have embraced it. And Democrat run cities will likely fall in line with New York.

Just think what this means: vast expense for new boilers, air conditioning units, windows, insulation: why on earth would anyone build something new in these run-down cities when regulations make it impossibly expensive. They can't build affordable housing as it is, let alone build it when it has to conform to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's standards.

And after spending all this money to renovate, and after paying all those new taxes, where's the money coming from to pay for other services, like universal health care and a guaranteed job for everyone. All of that is in the Green New Deal!


The left says just print the money! Trillions upon trillions of dollars: just print it. It is truly fantastical economic nonsense. And New York has signed on.

The population dropped last year for the first time in a decade. The exodus is only just getting started.