Run, Joe, Run ... for the sake of your party: Varney

By OpinionFOXBusiness

Hatred, contempt for Trump will not win the election: Varney

FBN's Stuart Varney on the political fallout from the Mueller report and reports former Vice President Joe Biden will announce his 2020 presidential bid.

I have yet to see confirmation from the Biden camp, but reports suggest the formal announcement comes next week. It has long been forecast.

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He's the supposed moderate, in a sea of leftist candidates. Surely this is an opportunity for him to seize the middle ground. One of the other front runners occupies the moderate middle. They're all chasing the Green New Deal or Medicare for all or free college, or all of the above.


Step in there, Joe, and bring some policy sanity to the presidential campaign.

And I sense there is an opportunity for him in another area: the Mueller report. The left is clamoring for impeachment. House Democrats are eager to tie up Congress with endless investigations. Nothing's going to get done. How about Joe Biden steps forward and says "enough?” Don't go down the impeachment road. Don't follow the insurgent radicals who have grabbed control of the party. Turn back to discussing issues.

Hatred and contempt for the president, smearing the president, will not win the election. An alternate workable policy has a much better chance. It would not be easy by any means. A moderate, who walks away from Trump-hating will have a hard time with the activists who dominate the primaries.


But in short, if Joe Biden has the backbone to stand out from the crowd, he would have a shot. This is an ideal opportunity! The party has invested too much in Mueller, and he's come up with "no collusion." The party is lurching to the left. Now's the time to change course. And Joe Biden is really the only Democrat who can do it.