Democrats must surely be embarrassed by the young insurgents: Varney

The Democrats must surely be embarrassed by the young insurgents who swept into the house last year: Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and others. They've gone to extremes; the rest of the party has been left behind. And the rest of the party doesn't like it -- they sense defeat.

America really doesn't like being told that on 9/11 " some people did something", as Ilhan Omar now infamously said. And when navy seal veteran Rep. Dan Crenshaw called that statement "unbelievable," AOC jumped in to complain that Crenshaw had not co-sponsored the 9/11 victims compensation fund! That's not much of a come-back: Crenshaw lost an eye fighting terrorists.

The insurgents threaten to take their fight to the primaries. They're going to field far-left candidates against moderate Democrats. Now that's a serious threat: That's how AOC, with just a few thousand votes, unseated an establishment Democrat last year.

Well, very quietly, the official Democratic congressional campaign committee, which hands out the money,  has taken draconian action: anything to stop the insurgents. The party will blacklist any consultant, pollster or political operative who works for candidates challenging Democratic incumbents. That's drastic. You work to unseat the establishment, and you'll never eat lunch in this party again.

The Democrats are now in the blacklisting game. And who proposed this? The chair of the campaign committee, Rep. Cheri Bustos, D-Ill. She represents a district that voted for President Trump in 2016; she's a moderate, and she doesn't want a challenge.

I think it's too late: The Democrats are now tied to extreme policies and embarrassing statements. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has lost control. And besides, the young insurgents are ignoring the blacklisting threat: AOC will use her huge media presence to raise money outside the official campaign committee.

This weekend, House Democrats hold their annual retreat. They are splt every which way. There will be a lot of closed-door meetings.... Oh to be a fly on the wall!