G-20 summit: Headlines from Trump, China's Xi meeting will have world riveted, Varney says

President Trump is heading to the G-20 summit in Argentina. And oh, what a meeting this will be.

For years, we've seen them all parade for the cameras wearing strange outfits and making dull, almost meaningless statements in the final communique.

It’s going to be different this time. Trump's in town. He has taken on virtually all of the world leaders, as he reshapes America’s foreign policy.

Vladimir Putin will be there: his military has just fired on the Ukrainian navy. He meets our president Saturday: some kind of headline is guaranteed.

Remember this picture from the G-7 meeting last year: Mr. Trump engaging and confronting European leaders? The Europeans will be there again, Britain’s Theresa May included. Gee, you think we might get a Brexit headline, or a "what happened to your open border policy, Angela?"... I can see it coming.

The leaders of South Korea and Japan will be in Argentina. Not sure if meetings with President Trump are scheduled, but John Bolton and Mike Pompeo are there and some kind of get-together about North Korea looks highly likely.

The big deal of course, is the dinner, Saturday night, with Chinese President Xi Jinping. There'll be a photo op, handshakes and smiles probably. But the real business will be conducted behind closed doors, and the headline emerging from that will have the world riveted.

What a difference this president has made. He is the center of attention, in a way that Obama, Bush and Clinton never were. That’s because this president has shaken everything up. Shifted America’s relationship with every major foreign power.

We used to cover these meetings because we had to. Nothing much happened, but a news operation had to show up.

Now we're covering because we want to. A lot will happen. News will be made as the Trump show goes global!