Republican control of Senate to cap socialism: Varney

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Democratic House will put a cap on new growth policies: Varney

FBN’s Stuart Varney on the political impact of the midterm elections.

The Republicans won big in the Senate. What does that mean?

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No. 1: Mitch McConnell will continue to reshape the entire federal judiciary. And if there's another opening in the next two years, President Trump will get his third Supreme Court justice.

No. 2: Radical ideas that float up from House, can be squashed. Impeachment, for example, is a non-starter.

No. 3: Newly-elected senators bring business talent with them. Private enterprise Mike Braun in Indiana replaces a government guy, Joe Donnelly. Pro-energy Kramer wins in North Dakota.

The Senate is Trump country, very much on board with his growth agenda.

The House is now Democrat-run. What does that mean?

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No. 1: Crisis budgeting. The far left has a beachhead. They want tax increases on business, to pay for government-run health care. Watch out for government shutdowns when the next budget looms.

No. 2: Endless investigations and hearings. Democrats will now chair all committees and they will use that power to embarrass and tie-up all things Trump. Toxic politics will get worse. But the left may overreach. Do we want two more years of this?

No. 3: The Democrats are split. There will be an enormous fight between the newly-elected socialist left, and the remaining moderates.

There you have it: a split decision. Gridlock, and the market is rallying.

Sum it up like this: Democrat control of the House will put a cap on new growth policies, and it will be a nasty two years in our public discourse.

But, Republican control of the Senate will put a cap on socialism, and it opens the judiciary to conservatives for a generation to come!

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