Fixing asylum laws lies at the feet of Congress: Former New Mexico governor

President Trump told reporters Tuesday he is not planning to reinstate the separation of parents and children at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Former New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez (R) said she believes America has become a magnet for those seeking asylum when they're not really the ones who should be given asylum.

“People are coming and causing this crisis where there is a decision that has to be made whether we separate children from families,” Martinez told FOX Business’ David Asman on “Cavuto: Coast-to-Coast” Tuesday.

Martinez is not in support of separation or incarceration of children because “parents have made a bad choice” and asylum does not apply to them.

“We need to make sure those families stay together because we then release a child...are we releasing them to someone where there is no time to properly vet that person that we are turning that child over to? Because the system is overwhelmed,” she added.

Martinez, who served as a New Mexico’s district attorney at the border from 1997-2011, said she asked for DNA evidence for proof of their relation to the child when individuals claimed to be parents of a child.

“I encouraged, when I spoke to [Homeland] Secretary Nielsen several months ago, I said, 'are we doing a DNA test to prove in fact this person who's claiming to be a family member truly is a family member and is truly better off in the equation than they were in their country?'", she said.


When asked what is the most important thing officials need to do to curb the immigration crisis, Martinez stressed, making sure Mexico is held accountable and Congress should act more proactive about changing the U.S. asylum laws.

“I think with the president announcing he was going to close the borders or put tariffs on the economy and merchandise coming back and forth, one of the problems is that we cannot continue with the asylum laws that exist today. And this lays at the feet of Congress and their inability to do the people's work,” she said.