What incoming DHS secretary McAleenan should expect from Trump

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is leaving her post and being replaced by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner Kevin McAleenan. Former special assistant to President Trump Marc Lotter said the incoming DHS secretary will have to ultimately follow the President’s goals on the border crisis.

“The President does not surround himself with ‘yes’ people.  He picks people who are often times on opposite sides of the issue, and he wants to hear from all sides,” he told FOX Business’ Kennedy on Monday. “But, at the end, he makes the decision, and your job is to go execute.”

Border agents are on said to be making 100,000 arrests and denials of entry each month, more than half of which are families with children.

Due to the influx of migrants, President Trump, in recent days, has threatened to close the border completely, and cut off aid to the Central American countries that immigrants continue to flee.


Despite his recent threats, Marc Lotter continued to stress that the President is pro-immigration, as long as people come legally to the United States.

“You’ve seen the President who calls the shots say we need more legal immigration, we have more jobs right now than we do unemployed people," he said. "But it’s got to be done legally, you’ve got to come through the system. You’ve got to prove that you have the skills and the ability to compete and succeed.”