Farage: Brexit party win will change European Parliament

British politician Nigel Farage said his newly formed Brexit party is “topping the polls” and will win the upcoming European election.

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“We are fighting the European elections here in the U.K. Why? Because we did not leave despite our prime minister and government promising us we did," he told FOX Business' Stuart Varney Wednesday. "In this country, the bigger issue will be democracy because our promise has not been kept.”

Farage said the party, which was formed four weeks ago, will change the European Parliament.

“You’re going to see a more Euro-skeptic European Parliament than you’ve ever seen,” he said. “The globalist project to take away national democracy, to replace it with unelected bureaucrats -- be they in Brussels or Washington or elsewhere -- the fight back is on, and in the end the nation-state and common sense will win.”


The election is expected to be held on May 23.