What is Elizabeth Warren’s net worth?

Though Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., has been outspoken about taxing the wealthy, one of the 2020 frontrunners certainly has plenty of money herself.

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When the 70-year-old presidential hopeful filed personal financial disclosures for her candidacy back in February, the forms showed approximations for her retirement accounts and book royalties.

The forms, which were tweeted at the time, also showed that she got a $300,000 book advance for her book “This Fight Is Our Fight,” which was released in April 2017, and that she holds the title of “Emeritus Professor” at Harvard University.

Warren later released her 2018 tax returns in April, along with her returns from every year as far back as 2008.

Her 2018 returns revealed that she and her husband Bruce Mann paid more than $200,000 in taxes on a joint income of about $900,000 last year. Warren also reported about $325,000 for the books she’s written, and an income of $176,280 for her job as a senator.

Mann meanwhile reported an income of about $400,000 from his job as a law professor at Harvard.

The couple also donated more than $50,000 to charity.

Overall, Warren is worth approximately $12 million, according to a recent estimate from Forbes.

The outlet reported that most of her and her husband’s assets are held in retirement accounts (approximately $4 million) as well as real estate.

Warren and her husband reportedly have a $3 million home in Cambridge, Mass., and an $800,000 condo in Washington, D.C.


Back in January, Warren released a plan to tax the ultra-wealthy, which could cost some of the richest people in America billions of dollars in net worth over decades, according to a recent paper.

However, the tax -- which would impose a 2 percent tax on individuals with a net worth above $50 million, and a 3 percent tax on those with more than $1 billion in assets -- wouldn’t reach her own wealth, since she has less than $1 billion.

FOX Business’ Megan Henney and Brittany De Lea contributed to this report.