DOJ to face lawsuit over Comey's congressional testimony

The conservative watchdog organization Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit against the Department of Justice Friday, requesting documents related to former FBI Director James Comey’s controversial June Senate testimony.

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“It would be interesting to know just exactly what the Justice Department was doing,” Tom Fitton, president of the Washington-based group told FOX Business’ Melissa Francis. “Particularly [what] Robert Mueller was doing in coordinating any testimony with Mr. Comey.”

President Donald Trump fired Comey in May in a termination letter, citing recommendations from Attorney General Jeff Session and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

It eventually came to light that Trump was frustrated by Comey’s refusal to publicly acknowledge the president was not being personally looked at in the ongoing investigation into Russian meddling during the 2016 presidential election. Former FBI Director Robert Mueller was appointed as special counsel to take over Comey’s probe.

One month after his dismissal, Comey testified in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Major focal points from that testimony included Comey saying he had turned over his memos to Mueller and calling the president a liar.

“Comey’s testimony was pretty controversial,” Fitton, whose lawsuit is largely based on a Fox News report, said on “After the Bell.”

Judicial Watch requested “all records of communication” between Comey and the Justice Department, which includes any communication to Mueller, in the run-up to Comey’s testimony. Fitton also suggested that Comey’s removal of his memos upon his dismissal may be illegal.

“We want to know what he took with him, if there were documents the government owns that he took, we want to be able to get them if necessary,” he said. “It’s a scandal, quite frankly, that he was able to take these memos with him, frankly, in order to use to get back at Donald Trump for firing him.”