Democrats yet to find a real unifier: Varney

It’s a battle royale, but this is not a video game. It’s a fight for control of the Democratic Party. How will they handle Trump? How will they handle socialism? How far left will their presidential candidate go?

They can't contain the fight behind closed doors, can't keep it quiet. They tried that, but the hostilities were immediately leaked. Now it’s spilled out on Twitter and onto the front page of the Washington Post!

The immediate issue is impeachment. Don't do it, says Speaker Pelosi. She told the Post, President Trump "isn't worth it." The speaker prefers to undermine the president with endless investigations. That doesn't sit well with the new radicals. AOC says she "doesn't agree with that take," and Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib plans to file impeachment proceedings this month.

The fault lines are also being drawn around socialism. Democrats are aware that their young supporters approve of socialistic policies.

Those younger people will be the largest voting bloc in 2020. They will be 37 percent of the electorate! It’s a voting bloc the Democrats have to accommodate. That’s pushing presidential candidates further and further toward the Bernie Sanders socialist left.

But where does that leave older party stalwarts, moderates, like Joe Biden? There are real doubts that he could beat the left in the primaries even if he decides to run!


The Democrats have a history of keeping their divisions concealed behind a facade of unity. They can no longer do that. They openly fight over strategy: impeach or not ... age: young newcomers vs. the old guard and ideology: the socialists vs. everybody else.

Four years ago, the Republicans had 17 candidates for president, including the highly disruptive Donald Trump.

Now it’s the Democrats. Only they, so far, have yet to find anyone who can bang heads and bring the party together.