Joaquin Castro is encouraging political violence: Varney

Rep. Joaquin Castro has released the names of 44 individuals and the names of their employers, who gave the maximum amount to President Trump's campaign.

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He is the brother, and campaign chair, of presidential candidate Julian Castro. He did it to shame, and “out” those who he says “fuel the president's campaign of hate.”

This is wrong. And it is dangerous. He might just as well put a target on the backs of the people he named. He is encouraging political violence.

Later, he said he didn't release "private or personal information" and didn't "target" anyone.

Nonsense: In this context, announcing names and employers is targeting.

Here's another example: The owner of the gym chains, Soul Cycle and Equinox, will hold a fundraiser for President Trump on Friday. He is now the target of a boycott.

Earlier this week, demonstrators appeared outside the private home of Mitch McConnell. Chanting violent language to keep him awake as he recovers from a shoulder injury. Democrat candidate Rep. Tim Ryan will organize a caravan to McConnell’s house!

It reminds me of Rep. Maxine Waters encouraging the mob to confront Republicans whenever they appear in public. That was an incitement to violence, and after she said it, Trump people were chased out of public places.

I have not seen any Democrat, senior or otherwise, speak out against personal targeting.


And will anyone on the left take responsibility if, heaven forbid, there is another attack on Republicans like the one that badly injured Rep. Steve Scalise and almost wiped out the Republicans' congressional leadership?

Targeting has become a cancer on civil society. It is wrong and dangerous.