CNN's anti-Trump stance hurting ratings: Varney

It’s getting really bad at CNN. Viewers are fleeing in droves. I'm a founder of that network, and I'm not happy.

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This spring, CNN's ratings fell off a cliff. They're getting fewer than half the viewers who tune into Fox News, and in prime time -- that’s 8 to 11 p.m. -- they get less than a third.

During this rating period, the Mueller report came out; former Vice President Joe Biden geared up his presidential campaign; a dozen Democrats announced their candidacy. That’s CNN's Democrat turf, so why the ratings plunge?

Answer: CNN is hate-President Trump 24/7 and America is not buying it. I have TV monitors in my studio, and I check out what they're covering. It is so predictable. Every news event is skewed to show contempt for the president.

And in prime time, it’s down-right insulting: At 10 o'clock, Don Lemon goes out of his way to be personally nasty about our president. His ratings have really fallen off a cliff.

It wasn't always like this: CNN went on the air on June 1st. 1980. I was there and so was my colleague Lou Dobbs. Back then, we played it straight. We covered the news. But in the mid-90's the network changed direction. CNN became the Clinton News Network. Bill Clinton could do no wrong.

By the time the 2016 presidential election rolled around, the entire network was gung-ho for Hillary: She could do no wrong. and when she lost, it was almost comical -- check it out on Youtube. Their election night anchors went into mourning, apoplectic with grief. The hate Trump coverage began in earnest.

Don't expect anything to change. CNN has signed most of its hate-Trump people to contracts extending beyond the 2020 election. and in the debates at the end of this month, guess who is one of the moderators: Don Lemon, the man who has questioned the president's sanity and called him a racist. Gee, I thought journalists asked the questions.

There's a bottom line here, and it’s this. CNN, along with the establishment media and much of the Democratic Party, has been overwhelmed with pure hatred of President Trump. It’s a self-inflicted wound.