Democrat opposition to Kavanaugh increasingly frantic: Varney

Four weeks to the elections. About four days to a vote on Judge Kavanaugh. They are connected. Republican support for the judge is hardening. The Democrats' opposition looks increasingly frantic.

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These late developments -- a former boyfriend of accuser Dr. Christine Ford -- contradicts her sworn testimony. He says she did indeed help a friend prepare for a polygraph test. She never expressed a fear of flying or enclosed spaces.

Dennis Ketterer has come forward. He had a relationship with another accuser, Julie Swetnick. She had told him she enjoyed sex with multiple men. She started in high school. She never mentioned rape, gang rape or sexual assault.

The credibility of Kavanaugh's accusers is eroding, and the Republicans are on it.

Chuck Grassley is demanding Ford’s lawyers release information about the polygraph test. He suggests Ford was "less than truthful" in her sworn testimony. Mitch McConnell has had enough. Vote, he says.

As the accusers' stories are challenged, the Democrats are shifting their attack: Senator Durbin now says Kavanaugh's anger shows he doesn't have the right "demeanor." Orin Hatch answers that today: "You've got to be kidding me," he writes. "Do you really expect a man to sit passively, while his reputation is viciously and permanently destroyed?" Well said, Mr. Senator.

Now to the connection with the midterm elections. Could it be that the treatment of Kavanaugh by the Democrat mob is swinging votes to the GOP?

The Republican candidate for the Senate in North Dakota is 10 points ahead of the sitting Democrat.

In Indiana, the Republican is 2 points ahead of the sitting Democrat.

In Texas, Ted Cruz has stretched his lead to 9 points.

And in Tennessee, Marsha Blackburn is ahead by 3.

Personally, what I would like to see is a repudiation of the Democrats' smear campaign. Because, if we allow the destruction of Judge Kavanaugh and his family, we all lose.