Kavanaugh accusations just delaying tactic by Democrats: Varney

It looked like a bombshell: A second woman had come forward with an allegation against Judge Kavanaugh. The story broke last night in The New Yorker. Deborah Ramirez said he had exposed himself to her during a drinking party at Yale in the early 80s.

However, The New York Times had interviewed several dozen women in the last week in an attempt to corroborate her story. They found none. Indeed Ms. Ramirez herself had contacted her Yale classmates asking if they recalled the incident: Reportedly she told some of them that she was not sure it was Kavanaugh who exposed himself. And, she had been drinking.

Furthermore, none of the people who were said to be witnesses to the alleged high school incident, can corroborate Dr. Christine Ford's story.

Two allegations, both from more than 30 years ago ... no corroborating witnesses. No tangible evidence. And both brought to light at the very last minute.

The Democrats' clear intention: Delay until after the November election when they hope a different balance of political power could sink the Kavanaugh nomination.

It’s actually the same story with China: They too are delaying trade negotiations, hoping for political change.

Clearly, there's a lot riding on the November vote. The future makeup of the Supreme Court. Our relationship with our biggest trading partner. And, yes, impeachment ... less than six weeks to go, and these elections are perhaps more important than any other midterm in recent memory.