As a newly-minted US citizen, I did not sign on to the rule of a Democrat mob: Varney

They've jumped the shark. That is, the Democrats have gone overboard with their destruction of Judge Kavanaugh's character and family. We can see through it. They're not interested in truth or justice, just slime the guy. Ruin him. Say anything. Engage in any scheme to knock him out of the Supreme Court.

I don't think the American people are buying it. In fact, I think the American people are increasingly angry at the un-American circus that the left has created.

Innocent until proven guilty! Isn't that the base line of our justice system?

Well, Sen. Hirono who sits on the committee that questioned Kavanaugh, concluded that he's more likely to be guilty because he's a conservative. And she says men should "shut up." Do you have a husband, brother, son who ought to shut up when accused?

Sen. Blumenthal also sits on the Judiciary Committee. He insists Kavanaugh must prove his innocence. Again, that’s the opposite of our judicial system. Do you have a husband, brother, son who might be caught like this? Senator Blumenthal said he served in Vietnam. He did not. I believe that’s called "stolen valor."

And it is Senator Dianne Feinstein who has orchestrated this stealth attack on Kavanaugh. She knew about Dr. Ford's allegation months ago, but only brought it out at the last minute: It was a deliberate and dishonorable plan to pervert the nomination process.

The Democrats think this circus will swing the November elections their way. They hope their destruction of Brett Kavanagh will bring out the women's vote.

The Republicans have found a backbone. Senator Lindsay Graham eloquently leads the Republican "resistance," and Majority Leader McConnell says the Senate will vote Friday.

Good. Let’s have it out.

As a newly minted American citizen, I have to say this: I signed on to a constitutional republic. I signed on to the rule of law, to freedom and liberty. Not, repeat, not, to the rule of a Democrat mob, hell-bent on destroying Supreme Court nominees.