Democrats are 'irrational' on health care reform: Trump campaign press secretary

President Trump is rekindling his fight against the Affordable Care Act.

The president told reporters in the oval office on Wednesday that “Obamacare is a disaster” and that the GOP will be “the party of great health care.”

It comes two days after the Justice Department issued a memo siding with Texas Federal Judge Reed Charles O’Connor’s decision from December which argued that the landmark health care act was unconstitutional.

Trump 2020 Campaign National Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said even Democrats agree that “Obamacare is broken,” during an appearance on FOX Business’ Kennedy on Wednesday.

McEnany said that Democrats’ frustration with the Affordable Care Act is “why they’re not all doubling down on Obamacare, they’re saying we’ve got to go to government takeover of health care,” referring to Medicare for All, which the majority of 2020 Democratic presidential candidates support.

When Kennedy asked McEnany if there were any Obamacare replacement plans being floated by the president, she replied: “I don’t want to get ahead of the White House … but I’ll tell you this--the key elements of any White House plan are accessibility, affordability, flexibility.”

Kennedy pushed McEnany on how the GOP plans to get any legislation passed after losing control of the House of Representatives in the midterm elections.

“Instead of asking me that question, you’ve got to be asking [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi and her caucus that wants to eliminate private insurance,” McEnany said.


Kennedy then asked McEnany how President Trump could convince the Democrats to work with him on a healthcare solution.

McEnany lamented, “well what you’re asking me to do is apply rational wisdom upon the irrational, and there’s no way to do that with a leftist field who wants us to go the way of socialism.”